The future of poetry Part 2


When you can't not write. it is a question of professionalism or sophistication? Or both?

Any kind of art to provoke emotions. But the transfer of these emotions to the real world, as poems, songs, movies the craft, becoming in the years the skill. This is the most routine and laborious work, which made silent. Yes, it happens boom! and inspiration, and itself written. But before you post it to the Network and generally "get out of the Desk", is worth a look from five, ten times as long as you need to understand: Yes, I said exactly that and exactly as I wanted. Creativity, in my opinion is the quintessence of professionalism and inspiration.

Why now the poems (I'm not talking about the lyrics) more musically executed, have the visuals, or both combined. Attempt to create a theatre named after yourself? I'm on the poets who speak in this manner. And because people like it. That is not the speech, via times music classics. That is not the visuals. play with the shadows etc.

To answer this question, it is necessary to understand what poetry exists today. In my opinion, there are two. types: poetry from the paper and poetry concert. In the first case, the verses need to be viewed in text format. The second visual, auditory and sometimes even kinesthetically. But in this case they still have to be able to present.

How to teach to interest a modern audience?

As I said, now people becomes not just words. A few decades ago, Brodsky could come to the microphone and in the same tone to read their poems and the hall stood up applauding. Today to touch the heart of the audience, the performer should be turned inside out. You need to be not only a poet, but a Director, composer, sound recordist and, of course, an actor. So there is what I call a mixture of genres, where different forms of art work together, bringing the idea of the author. It really is magic when simple words written on paper, find the music, intonation, accents, visuals. Music media theater creates the atmosphere; the video can act as a support, as an illustration, or the continuation space. And the artist and his music become the main tool combining tools and create a work of a completely different genre.

Some modern poets perform on stage to live music, someone puts popular music from the disk. Which is better?

Unfortunately, many people think that it is enough to include music from "Amelie" and Bang verse. I am for live support! The energy of the musicians is indispensable. But, alas, in fact, there are many little things that often impede the performance with the musicians. The capabilities of the platform to the banal "where can I get a drummer guitarist?". It is possible to find efficiently non-unique music. At first glance, it's easier. Here comes to the fore the author's ability to beat his words to tell his story so that the viewer could not tear myself away from the text and voices, and music was perceived only as a Supplement. It is important to work out priorities. Probably OK: in this field there are no professionals, there are only those who learn to create.