Do poetry need modern man?

In the modern world, the Internet, television and other means of obtaining and processing information play an important role. To find the right information, a person of the 21st century will better enter the desired query into the Internet search bar than a book or a directory is glossed over. Libraries today in their majority offer all visitors, both old and young, the use of computers. With the help of the Internet, a person can quickly find the right information without leaving home, and this is a plus for him, since time is spent. Undeniable is the fact that young people do not represent life today without modern means of obtaining information and communication. We change with time, without stopping to go forward. Still it is not known, for the better.

The modern young man cannot understand the moods and not feel the characters of people who lived before without the Internet and television, as he was born and grew up in the days of rapid development of the newest multimedia technologies. There are people in our country who are interested in this topic, but there are not so many, if not quite few. After reading the poems of the great world poets, one can feel the spirit of the times.

Each of us has studied at school, some are at this life stage and now. All schools study the work of the great classics of literature. However, we are faced with the question of whether it is worth reading these works to modern people? They became more and more interested in thinking about the future and less interested in past events. Well, it's not bad, if you look at one side. Should we trouble ourselves with studying the activities of classics whose names are still on their lips?

It is quite logical that there can be no future without the past. At the same time, people are changing too. You can say that not to attach importance to history is simply unworthy. This is not because we are the descendants of those generations and live in this country. All peoples differ in their characteristics. Do you think, how do we all know about the people as it is now and that all the inherent qualities have taken place at all times? This we can learn from the poetry of the classics. In their poems, they described the mood, emotions of experiences and events that could affect children. Why did they do this? Then, so that we know our history in all colors, to accept it as it is, and to be proud of our ancestors. At the same time, poets described the events in a harmonious verse form.

If we consider the poetry of the classics from the other side, then it is, in fact, the embodiment of the beauty and richness of the language, a manifestation of its saturation with linguistic phrases. Today, speech is significantly different from what it was several centuries ago. If we forget about them, our descendants will simply not know the peculiarities of their native people. The diverse theme of the poetry of classical poets is relevant today. Therefore, we can say with confidence that the work of outstanding masters of the poetic word gives us much.