Trends of modern poetry


The concept of modernity in the world of literature is very relative. Considered a modern poet or novelist that the reader can separate to forty years. Considering the pace of today's life, the rapidly changing economic and political realities, the term is huge.

The main trend that can be observed among virtually all contemporary authors, it is a departure in itself. Your inner world, your feelings, feelings, reflection became interested in poets much more than the surrounding reality. This is quite a reasonable explanation. On the one hand, the outside world became too harsh, and the commercial for those whose sense of life is irrationality. Agree, it's hard to imagine a lyric poet, a leading big business on the resale of oil daily to go throat competitors, and in between composing poems about the good and eternal.

On the other hand, disappeared the need in the bravura poems on socio-political issues. You don't have to write about the construction sites and new land development to become a member of the Union of writers. And disappeared of the civil subjects as such. Even if you want to write something Patriotic and life-affirming, to find a theme for inspiration is very difficult. What kind of civil lyrics you can say in an era when even the word "patriot" was considered almost a dirty word? Society is too tired of politics and ideology, any attempt to make a poem of the civil leitmotif can be seen as political propaganda and rejected by the reader.

A separate discussion deserve the poems of the representatives of different youth subcultures. Talented young people are increasingly adjacent to any movement where a person can Express themselves and attract public attention. Especially characteristic of mass poetry in groups ready, ethnic and folk ensembles, as well as among the rappers and rockers. You can refer to their works, but this is another face of modern poetry, which is hard to disown.

As for the prospects of the development of modern poetry, it is safe to say that the talents were not translated, poems are born, and the level of poetic culture, sharply deteriorated in the early nineties, shows a positive trend, which is reassuring.