Rap is a shadow of modern poetry


"Poets heels walking on a knife blade and cut the blood his bare soul," once said the first who joined the March rhythm and style poetics of the street, in other words, the first rapper. However, another pioneer, who also walked under recitative: "he Who walks amicably abreast"? And that, too, lured, and mobilized, and built. And probably this was the first placental bits of rap. Hey, tell me, true rap is poetry? Don't know, honey, because the question of what poetry is, not yet determined. Well, fluently, well, fun, well, catchy, and even poetry or not. Let's think.

When A. Camus opened the thinnest blade of the philosophical analysis of the essence and the essence of rebellion, that once there will be such a thing as a rap, nobody guessed. Twentieth century entire second half was bogged down by political squabbles and sniffles, the cold war and the confrontation of the worlds. Overall this thing hard crashed hard rock, unthinkable screamed punk rock, whined Chris Norman and sweet smoke curled straight into Space, that is space, and more correct in Paris, France, transit. Where is the rap? Who is this rap? That, boys? The rebellion is doomed?

There is such a seditious thought. The pioneers killed, members of the Komsomol, too, cursed everything that was associated with them, and lost one by one. But alone, scared, want, together, and together you can neither walk nor sing, or dance, or March. Themselves cursed. And! What is left? Stupid wind long greasy hair under shaking trash? It does not stick! No soul, no heart. How would it again, together, and to March, and that thought was, and to move in a rush. So that is the rap!

Let the literary process the slogan, add eclectic, sedition, Future show sweeten with romanticism, world of art Nouveau and symbolism, insert "salt" movements ready. Get rap at a asphalt platter with a rebellious edge.

Collect literary components. All the attributes of poetry and poetics are quite therefore the talk about poetry, whether rap, does not make sense. Another thing is that the conversation about rap as a new youth subculture, and hip-hop as an avant-garde musical form may be, and necessary and timely.

Today, the Western REP has already experienced the main rebellious phase (gangster rap of the late eighties Snoop Dogg) and texts around the perimeter of the rap music became softer, more reserved, filled with meaning and sense, that is rap "gentlemanly" and became another important part of youth culture.

Like any poetry hip-hop might include mediocre texts and as in any other poetry bad poets write bad poems, and good (Bass Boettcher) poets the verses are good.

We may love rap or hate it, the only thing we fail is to ignore him. It will take time and will be a new youth subculture, we still don't know what, but no doubt the music (Dr. Dre) (Eminem) will be remembered by their fans as their idols remember fans of the Beatles or Deep purple.