Omar Khayyam: biography Part 1


Omar Khayyam, the legendary scholar and philosopher, famous for its incredible productive activities in such fields as history, mathematics, astronomy, literature and even cooking. It has become an iconic figure in the history of Iran and all the East. Among the General persecution (the analog of the Inquisition), harassment for any free thinking lived and worked in such a great person, a free spirit who inspires descendants hundreds of years later. To educate people, motivate them, help them to find meaning in life all this was done by Omar Khayyam for his people for many years, becoming one of the creators of cultural, social and scientific life in Samarkand.

His life was so multifaceted, and outstanding achievements in opposite fields, there is a version, as if Omar Khayyam had never existed. There is a second idea that under this name hides a few people, mathematicians, scientists, philosophers and poets. Of course, historically accurately track the activities of a man who lived a thousand years ago, is not easy. However, there is evidence that Omar Khayyam is not a myth but a real person with extraordinary abilities who lived hundreds of years ago.

Known and his biography although, of course, accuracy to confirm it is not possible.

The man was born in 1048 in Iran. Family Omar was full and strong, the father and the boy's grandfather was descended from an ancient family of artisans, so the family had money and even wealth. From early childhood the boy showed a unique analytical abilities and specific talents, as well as such traits as perseverance, curiosity, intelligence and discretion.

He very early learned to read, to eight years has fully read and studied the Muslim Holy book the Koran. Omar received a good education, became a master of words and successfully developed their speaking skills. Khayyam was well versed in Islamic law, knew the philosophy. He from a young age became famous in Iran, a scholar of the Quran, so it sought help in the interpretation of some very difficult situations and lines.

In his youth Khayyam lost his father and mother, alone sent for further training in mathematics and philosophical Sciences, selling a house and Studio parents. He was recalled to the court of the ruler, gets a job at the Palace and for many years conducting research and developing creatively under the supervision of the main man in Isfahan.

Omar Khayyam is often called a unique scientist. He has authored a number of scientific works on a completely different topic. He carried out astronomical research, in which they had made the most accurate calendar in the world. He has developed associated with the received data in astronomy, the system of astrology used to generate food recommendations for the representatives of different Zodiac signs and even wrote a book amazingly delicious and healthy recipes.

Khayyam was very interested in mathematics, his interest resulted in the analysis of the theory of Euclid and the creation of the author's system of computation for quadratic and cubic equations. He successfully proved theorems, led calculations, created a classification of equations. His scientific works in algebra and geometry is still highly valued in scientific professional society. And designed the calendar is valid on the territory of Iran.

The descendants found a few books and literary collections, written by Khayyam. Still it is not known how many poems from the collection, compiled by Omar, in fact, belong to him. The fact is that long ages after the death of Omar Khayyam many of the quatrains with "seditious" thoughts attributed to this poet in order to avoid punishment for the real authors. So folk art became the work of the great poet.