Modern poetry as a marketing tool


Advertising with the use of rhymed endings of phrases were used for a long time. Remember the peddlers touting your simple product, extolling its virtues in simple verse form. Flown, hurry! Buy the painting!

But what is the secret of such popularity that is poetry "slogan" to normal text? The answer is obvious. A simple rhyme is easy to remember, remains, and in memory, and, as they say, "in the language". There's no escape. At a very early age my mother or grandmother reading nursery rhymes to the child, because they are perceived by the immature child's brain is much better and carry cognitive load in a simplified form.

Growing up, acquiring new burden of knowledge, we, nevertheless, often catch ourselves thinking that hum some obsessive rhyming lines from another hit, another pop group. In exactly the same way in the head is delayed and is submitted in a simplified form, with a clear size and volume of information.

And school Newton's law? As it sounds, I do not remember most of us. But in verse form about the fact that a body immersed in water displaces a quantity equal to its mass, of course, remembered by many.

Similarly, associative, memorable short poem affects you, when it prompts the advertising object, forcing to stop and pay attention to it. And if it is also served with humor, not just memorable, but needs to come out. You begin to quote a favorite creation to their friends, while working some freelance advertising agent of the company or product whose poetic delights you really liked.

This factor makes modern advertisers and their clients to develop the poetic direction of marketing campaigns with great care. Achieving brevity, working with well-known or not poets created a new poetic masterpieces of advertising, for a long time remain in the memory of any potential consumer of the product.

Agree that even, despite a certain austerity of form, this is remembered better than a simple description of goods or services made by talented and bright, but in prose. And read a short poem and memorize it a lot easier. And it was on memorization, to a fixation in the mind of the consumer of the particular image is directed all marketing and advertising companies in the world.