Love and music in poetry Part 3


A "Song counter" (morning greets Us with coolness) is just the personification of time, massive song that everyone knew and loved.

Music for film was always loved by the composer. It was the films "Hamlet", "The Young guard", "Man with a gun" and many others. Let's listen to the song from the film "The gadfly".

Immortal love theme of Romeo and Juliet. A classic for all time. Therefore, the music to this theme often addressed. Bellini and Gounod wrote the Opera, Berlioz - symphonic poem, is the ballet from Prokofiev of the same name, the Overture fantasy from Tchaikovsky.

Let's hear how the theme of love takes. I have been acquainted with the king of the waltz, a great musician and just a very beautiful and charming man. What emotions.

Perhaps, it is difficult to find a more popular and favorite song.

World-famous and less popular performers included it in their repertoire. And each performance has its own charm.

The song, which she wrote at 16 years of age, Consuelo Velazquez.

I remember once reading an interview with her, she admitted she was still a girl never been kissed when she wrote a masterpiece. It's all about sensuality and intuition. And yet, of course, talent.

Today I suggest listening to one of my favorite performances of this song. Dean Martin and his Besame Mucho. Let me remind you that Dean Martin was an American singer, comedian, television star, stage, film. A handsome man with a Boxing turn of the shoulders, burning hair, slenderness and charm - that is why it so adored by women.

"If there were sirens, luring sailors with their singing, like they were at Sarah Brightman. If God could sing, his voice like Andrea Bocelli" - here are the words of Celine Dion.

Andrew Bocelli is an Italian Opera singer. In the childhood had problems with vision at the age of 12 became completely blind. A law degree and then a passion for music.

About the Sting I have written a fairly extensive article a Healthy lifestyle from sting. There's all the details. Anyone interested, I invite you to read the article. You can go to this link.

To have rough, filled with not only creativity, but also alcohol and drug, youth and then completely change his philosophy of life and come to a healthy way of life, to delight all with their creativity it can only do ordinary people. And now the song that I can listen and listen.

In conclusion, I want you to imagine touching song Straw love. I also was acquainted with this singer. Talked a lot about her. Such purity, such a revelation, the sincerity in the songs of Helen.

Let every heart be such an straw Love. Love your family, take care of them, appreciate every moment, enjoy your life.

Here's the article I did. Was really hard to choose. Once again, what if I did not have spiritual gifts that I publish each article, if it were not for the music room with all my songs, of course, I would have written quite differently.

We assume that the theme of Love throughout what we already know. Again I wish you all warmth and Love in your hearts.