Is it possible to teach somebody to write a poetry?


More recently, on the shelves of bookstores you can find many tutorials on writing poems. All of these books promised to make the reader of the poet for number of days. However, the authors of such works chose not to mention that the ability to put words into rhyming lines and poetry are two completely different things.

The fact that this poetry is the result of long experience of the mind, a sign of a certain emotional and intellectual maturity, seasoned with a special worldview, which is impossible to form just by reading the textbook. The best example here children's perception. Kids are open to new feelings, emotions and experiences. Sensing is all new with a completely different point of view than from the point of view of adult children and Express their thoughts quite unexpectedly.

Any literature for them is not just a statement of the nature of certain events, thoughts or feelings of the author is a valuable source of information, strong emotional experience, many discoveries. People, and still retains the ability to read, have all chances to become poets. Of course, much poetry abilities are determined and what was the personality of the author in his childhood and teenage years that he cared for what he saw, leaving home, what was the way of life in his family. Even the most seemingly insignificant details can become an incentive for development of creative abilities.

The result is a true poet is a strong and deep personality, to cultivate that intentionally is not no way. However, if a few years ago, proposes that intentional education, and just all sorts of training courses, the result of which was to be the emergence of poetic ability, today, there are discussions about what "functions" of the poet can instruct computer programs.

Indeed, if you set a certain number of words, the rhythmic patterns, the principles of consonance, the program can generate the poetic text. It is likely that it will even be a lot of sense. However, of poetry infused with the life experience of the author, seasoned with features of the society and time in which he lived, intense, strong emotions and deep meaning, still will not work.

And it appears that all attempts to come to the artificial versification, whether by developing the skill to put the rhymed lines or design of special algorithms for working with text, are doomed to failure. After all, the real poetry is not so much the words, selected and placed in a certain order, as a serious work of the mind and soul, which don't always have to stay within the given rhythm and the laws of harmony of the frame.