The future of poetry Part 3


Since then, music has become "accepted" to download from Internet, don't buy the albums. Only a narrow segment of the audience does. Poetry in this sense? Modern printed poetry to buy?

The Network laws of the audience now strict yesterday you posted a cool song, tomorrow haven't heard from you in a week you will remember. About pure poetry. The value of Lermontov's verses will not change if you read them off the sheet or hear the transition in the performance of the student theatre. It is not in the media, the fact that the product carries. But if to speak about sales of printed books poetic collection was, rather, an artifact people want to own because of the popularity of the poet. Especially when it comes to young authors. Note the next trip to the bookstore, where there is a shelf of poetry? Most often in the corner. And it is unlikely you will find the collections in the "best sellers". With the exception, perhaps, of books Skid and bulls.

The excitement is understandable it was the first sign of the new time. The man who brought poetry to the people and made it modern. Her language is clear. Faith uses the words that you use in modern life. Her poems often resemble stories, adult stories. Plus it's beneficial uses music as a tool of his media theater. Modern technologies especially the Internet have become its weapon. But I don't believe that Faith is equal.

Who can be equal in the modern poetic world?

To be generally at no cost. Worth reading to know, but to think with your head. I can think of few poets whose work genuinely makes me happy Chris Aiver. These people are doing something, speak honestly and harmoniously though not every poem becomes a masterpiece. But another criterion for me the flow of texts on the stage. Enchant room voice, as does Chris Aiver difficult. Shoot energy like you're a shotgun loaded with so can only ARS.

Poetry in the modern world can be likened to the business?

Poetry and business. I'm sure many would like it to be so. Is it okay to want to earn love. Someone is starting to get published and sold books, and concerts. But some slant on the desire of popularity, and "exhaust". Their poems are commercial. They write that so that it is exactly like their target audience. Comes to advertising the purchase of positions in the public, cheat people in private groups. It is on the conscience of everyone.

Do I need to put poetry censorship? At the government level and at the level of poetic communities.

Perhaps, no and no. In my opinion, each of us must exist in your personal inner censor. I'm naive still believe that someday people will learn to think.

What people wanted from modern poetry?

To know for sure! But seriously, the same as years ago the feelings he had experienced ever, and thoughts that will make him think. The difference, perhaps, only in the form submission. Just text is not enough for our consciousness. Need fast, bright, sensual: to catch, to hold, to force to remember.

Well, the forecast: what is the future of modern poetry?

You know, sometimes, going with the exact same concerts friends, I think no. So we rummaged in the clubs yeah the public to raise. But then I see the poet stands at the ball as WWF or in honor of another poet called the street and you begin to doubt. It's weird, but once recently at a concert where people were laughing at poems about sorry, the hard life of a condom, I thought the future is. Because I was furious. I wanted to do something to change things. And still have the same idiots as I like Archer, which makes, which the whole country, poetry has a future. We are growing. Thinking becomes fashionable so you have every chance to create a poetic world.