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Anatomy of the poesy

Among the numerous formulas defining the essence of poetry, two are distinguished, proposed by poets, who thought about the secrets of their craft. Coleridge's formula reads: "Poetry is the best word in the best order." And the formula of Theodor de Banville: "Poetry is what is created and, therefore, does not need to be altered." Both of these formulas are based on a particularly clear sense of the laws by which words affect our consciousness. Therefore, the one who will take into account all the laws governing the complex of words he has taken.

Definition of plagiarism and its form

"Plagiarism involves the use of intellectual material received by another person without recognizing its source."

Plagiarism is a serious violation of academic norms and rules of conduct for both students and scholars.

"Plagiarism - the appropriation of authorship to someone else's work of science, literature, art or to someone else's discovery, invention or innovative proposition, as well as the use in their works of someone else's work without reference to authorship."

The future of poetry Part 1

A time when you could just walk up to the MIC to read poetry and to conquer the audience (remember the sixties), irrevocably. It seems that now every fifth writes and publishes in social networks his poems. Someone still comes out with their creativity to the public. As someone content with just huskies. Today poetry is no longer just text, it's a mix of music, video, stage plastics and poems. Is it a trend or a new genre of art? About how modern poetry evolved from paper to the MIC and theatre, says a poet Camille Lysenko.

Advices to a beginning writers

A budding poet, so you also got to be aware we have certain test standards verses. To begin with, the poem should be always a brand new notion, idea, place on in special sort. Second, at the poetic perform is critical to accurately figure out the total amount of content and form, also adhere with it. In virtually any language you will find rules that has to be stuck to, particularly for newcomer writers.