Love and music in poetry Part 2


On the one hand, peace, serenity, then trepidation, as if in another world transition, it exists parallel to you, gives you sensations. To be able to understand itself probably so you can say about this amazing music. The illumination with the light of love. And it takes all one of my favorite pianists.

Continuing the theme I want to say that love itself Schumann was so difficult. As he fought to get married with Clara Schumann. Even the court had to turn to defend their rights. All of this translates to the composer in the vocal cycle "Love and life of women". Sometime I'll introduce you to him. Clara, a famous pianist, who was inferior in his skill as what the critics say, unless the Sheet. 8 children, trips, performances, classes how is this possible, I don't know. Schubert. Serenade.

Schubert. Brilliant Austrian composer. Such a short life, and how much has been written. Lyric and romantic. The amazing fate of this song. The author of the words, Ludwig Rellstab sent them once Beethoven to write music for them. But not all, Beethoven was already lying on his deathbed. The poet then turned to Schubert.

And here critics have described the meeting of the poet and the composer at dinner. They say that Rellstab told Schubert that he just ruined his poetry. And even called him not very nice. But in his memoirs he never mentioned it. Maybe that has affected the popularity of Schubert, or the poet changed the temper justice with mercy.

"Serenade" or "Evening Serenade", as it is often called is an expressive song that touches many. And how it performs in the film "Come tomorrow" listen for yourself. Melody, such a simple and sincere, lyrical and philosophical will not leave you indifferent.

The recording was made in Vienna in 2008. I will say a little about the composer. This Italian violinist and composer. He studied at the Milan Conservatory, was an Opera conductor in Moscow and St. Petersburg. His waltz "The Kiss", many well-known singers include in their concert repertoire. Very skilled and a brilliant waltz.

There is such a combination of external data, talent, and motivation. Amazing career. What are the stages of the world open to it!

The press called Anna "Audrey Hepburn with a voice". Tickets to concerts with her participation was sold for obscenely high amounts. But the Metropolitan Opera was written on the posters, her name briefly  "Anna". Musicality, artistry, well-kept on the stage, the power of voice, his flight all about Anna.