Love and music in poetry Part 1


Today is the weekend. And by tradition I step out from the more mundane. You want something like that, don't even know how to describe what happens sometimes in the shower. That weekend was Love poems. Now continuing the theme, not poetry, and music. Love and music here today talking to me.

Love and music two miracles in our lives. Perhaps nothing evokes such strong emotions from us, as true love and good music. For someone the Love music became the heart and soul, for whom music was a real love. I think that those other people found a lot for yourself in our difficult life.

The answer was very unexpected and has delighted the future of the famous Director. Leo said I don't read a lot. And gave advice that it is not necessary to read a lot, and it is just a lot to think about and read.

What I am saying? I think that the music just as well. No need to listen but need to listen to real music, enjoy the aftertaste of this process.

Go not so often on a good show and live to see another in that condition of the soul is great. If you cannot attend these concerts, you can find other ways of initiation. So, closer to the topic of our conversation.

The effect of music on people

First, God created the silence. But the silence was boring and empty. And the Spirit of God languished in the silence. And God said "let there be sound!" And the sound was lovely and clean. But there was no one to appreciate it.

And God decided to create man in his own image. And Yes you will hear it sound in all its diversity and will put the sounds in the melody. And God created man and woman. So there was Love. And God blessed them and said to them, hear and be heard, create music and sing it love, bring it to the world.

Since then, love and music are inseparable. How else to show this incredible enchanting - a fabulous range of feelings that overwhelm you? And the song of the exalted feelings are the same as the feelings themselves.

Why I want to start after this Preface? You know, like romances, very difficult. I want to move away from all standards love lyrics in music. I introduce to you perhaps that is not so frequently performed and is not so familiar to all.

Of course, the subject is so huge, and asks where Joe Dassin and his amazing song "If it wasn't for you", of course, is Paul Mauriat with his "love Story", of course, is Lara Fabian and many others.

To begin with it will be "Reverie" by Robert Schumann. I guess many of you heard this piece. For me it is always special. I guess those are the dreams that everyone in the shower. How many listen, do not get tired to admire.

Dreams. God grant that many of our dreams to come true, and we all know such happiness.

Schumann German romantic. What is the depth of the music. I would call Schumann a subtle psychologist. These are simple themes, and this is happening inside. A mystery to me always. This is talent and genius.