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Philosophical Poetry

The phenomenon of spiritual culture, formed at the intersection of philosophy and literature, often receiving a broad interpretation: "philosophical" is often called any "deep" poetic work affecting the common problems of life and death. It is necessary to distinguish between related but not merging concepts "philosophical poetry" and "scientific poetry", "philosophical lyrics" and "meditative lyrics".

What is ode?

Historical Greece is known because of its amazing, structure, sculpture and other. Since early days individuals gave tremendous taste towards the lyrics, that were regularly followed closely by new music. Now all us is aware exactly what the ode however, perhaps not when have we discovered that a solemn poem played with popular writers. In early literature that this style of poetry was admired and appeared to function as the summit of artwork. For that neighborhood people ode proved to be a choral track together with her standard grandiloquence, solemnity.

New genres

The art of poetry, familiar to mankind since before biblical times, is constantly evolving. The purpose of poetry as fully as possible to highlight the state of the human soul, not departing from the strict forms of the poetic genre. However, many poets are looking for new poetic forms, which could unexpectedly reveal their poetic gift, and the language itself.

What is lyric poetry? Part 2

Genres as categories of historical, appear, evolve and eventually "leave" from the "active stock" of artists depending on the historical era: ancient poetry knew of the sonnet; in our time, archaic genre was born in ancient times and popular in XVII-XVIII centuries ODA; the romanticism of the XIX century brought to life a detective story, etc.

Consider the following table, which presents the types and genres belonging to different genera of the art of words.

What is lyric poetry? Part 4

Of particular difficulty - and therefore the pinnacle of poetic technique - is a wreath of sonnets: a cycle of 15 poems, the opening line of each of which is the last line of the preceding, and the last line of the 14th of the poem is the first line of the first. A fifteenth sonnet comprises the first lines of all 14 sonnets of the cycle.

What is lyric poetry? Part 3

The anthem is a poem of praise content; also came from the ancient poetry, but if in ancient times, the hymns were written in honor of gods and heroes, then at a later time the hymns were written in honor of special events, festivities often not only the state but also of a personal nature ("Feasting students").

What is lyric poetry? Part 1

Although in antiquity were made serious steps in the development of the concept of literary kinds (Aristotle), namely belongs to the scientifically based theory of the three literary genres, with which you can check the details by reading the article "Division of poetry into genera and species".

There are three kinds of literature: epic (from the Greek. Epos, the narrative), lyric (lyre was called the musical instrument, the accompaniment of which was performed chanting poems) and drama (from the Greek. Drama, action).

Genres of poetry Part 2

A letter in verse from the person of some famous hero or legend; a special type of Elegy, in which the expression of feeling unsatisfied and yearning love in the mouths of gods and heroes; poetic genre, common in literature of the late eighteenth century, lost importance with the fall.

Genres of poetry Part 1

One of the main mistakes was relegated to authors maintain (add) genres. What you can find on the website, and most importantly it is difficult to make prose or poetry.

More recently self-typing of genres on the site is prohibited. And in this article we attempt a small review of literary sites, and encyclopedias devoted to poetry.

Poetry from the Greek, means creation, creation.

In the narrow sense, poetry, understand the poetic, rhythmically organized speech. In this sense, the counter poetry prose.