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Basic terms of poetry

A huge number of textbooks on prosody, it would seem, eliminates the need to write another one. Poems by young poets continue to "delight" its pristine with the laws of versification. So I decided to write a possible very short tutorial. Not even a tutorial and some tips on the form of verse. Claims concerning the content young authors perceive particularly painful, but to the claims to form sometimes listen. And the rules are very simple. When a person sits to play chess, he said: pawn moves, the knight so. All clear?

How to learn to understand a poetry? Part 2

Let's take another situation biographical code in poem "Storm at sea". That catches the reader's eye in the first place? Unusual rhythm, exactly matching the rhythm of the sea pitching. To fully understand this text you must know that it described a real storm on the Adriatic sea, into which he once fell and did not expect to come out alive. Thus, this poem reflects the real emotions and feelings experienced by the author.

Tips for writing good coursework

Coursework should include an introduction, main part and conclusion.

The introduction should:

  • show the relevance of the chosen topic and the degree of its scientific development
  • explain why you chose this topic
  • formulate research goals and objectives
  • list the main literary and information sources and methods of research.

It is important to remember that the wording of the research objective should coincide with the title of the topic of the work.